Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Many are called...

Very few are special enough to answer that call on their key chain...

And then take a photo afterwards.

It's been a while since we've been able to post anything, thanks to some pernicious viruses (virii?) and a lack of free time. A special shout out goes to Sanj, who purged our laptop of nasty malware (THANKS!), and now without further ado let's catch up on the past few months.

Here's CJ and Daddy with cousins Alyssa and Sara, who visited us way back over fourth of July weekend:

Tomoki and CJ, poolside:

CJ sleeping with "Min Wen" (one of the Olympic mascots, renamed after our neighbor):

In July, Meg and CJ visited with Aunt Susan, Uncle Frank, and cousins Jay and Grace at a beach house in Massachusetts:

Here's a video of CJ and Grace at the playground:

And here is CJ and Grace with Aunt Annie:

After the Massachusetts trip, Meg and CJ visited with Liz and Chuck and their kids, Devin and Blythe. Here's Blythe and CJ on the town in Nyack:

In August, the three of us went to the beach in Southern Maryland:

Back home, here we are again poolside (and in the pool):

In early September, we traveled up to NYC to visit NaiNai, YeYe, and Monique. NaiNai ended up in most of the photos:

Where's CJ?

We then went out to dim sum with Wendy (our former Mandarin teacher) and her boyfriend Bill. The camera in this shot had a mind of its own, focusing on the food not the people (go figure).

One place worth recording for posterity is Rock Creek Park, where I have been running in the early morning. While it's not Van Cortland Park, it's pretty enough in its own right.

In September we also took a number of daytrips with Tomoki's family. Here we are at Great Falls, Virginia:

And here is Rock Creek after a tropical storm blew through town:

We also took a few trips in Shenandoah National Park with Tomoki's family.

Eating grapes after the hike:

And then back in Shenandoah the following weekend:

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

[insert musical play on words here]

The summer is done, but CJ continues to rock on. Perhaps she's excited about the coming football season?

We'll have more pix and video of our end-of-summer escapades once I get all the viruses cleaned out of our home computer... ("Daddy, why are you working?" "Because the computer is sick, sweetheart." "The computer has a booboo? Why?")