Monday, August 18, 2008

Smiling again

We have a bunch of photos to share from Meg and CJ's travels earlier this month, but I thought I would post a good shot from the swimming pool yesterday. Perhaps the smile is helped by the fact that she's standing on the sprinkler head?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More trouble with smiling

Meg and CJ are on vacation right now, hanging out at a beach house in Massachusetts with Uncle Frank & company. I drove them halfway up, to NYC, where we saw YeYe and a few close friends. Meg will have more photos and videos when she gets back next week.

Here we are with the Khannas:

And here is CJ and I with Linwood:

And here is CJ and YeYe on the subway:

CJ's on-camera smile is not quite what it used to be. You would think, taking four or five shots, at least one would have her smiling and then that would be the keeper. But nope. I need to break out a few new tricks, apparently. Of course, to be fair, I could use a little help with my smile, especially on that second shot...