Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Frisbees, cookies, and the beach

CJ watched her first ultimate frisbee games this past weekend. She didn't quite get the whole spectator sport scene, to be honest, but she did seem amenable to frisbees in general:

She also liked jumping into the huddle:

But when it came time to actually watching, well, let's just say she spent most of the time searching unsuccessfully for me. And it's not like I was moving that fast either.

- - -

Monday night, she had her first chocolate chip cookie--straight out of the oven!

At first the cookie was too hot:

But unbelievably, she just didn't like it!

- - -

Last week, Meg and CJ went to the beach house in Massachusetts that Uncle Frank and Aunt Susan share with her family. Here's Uncle Frank and CJ with pinwheels:

Overall, the beach scene worked for her.

And she enjoyed playing the piano with cousin Grace.

- - -

After the beach house we all met up at our friends Chuck and Liz's summer pad in Newport, RI. We didn't really stray too far from the pool. The poolside scene was pretty chipper, all things considered:

Monday, August 13, 2007

More with that coffee table

We got home kind of late last night, stuck in traffic after a weekend in Newport, Rhode Island. Meg was pretty beat, and I worked from home. At about 2:45pm, I sent Meg back to bed to get some rest. At about 2:47, CJ went berserk, cleared off the magazines from the coffee table, grabbed a noisemaker, and started dancing.

If I didn't grab my camera no one would have ever believed...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tupperware party, and one more mountain stream

Making dinner this evening was a bit labor intensive and distracting; while I knew CJ was buzzing around and staying out of trouble I wasn't quite sure what she was up to. Meg, however, was able to catch CJ in action:

We also made it back up to the Catskills, and had fun splashing around and staying cool: